Trauma Touch Therapy

Muscle has Memory

the body knows things the mind will not admit

What is trauma?

            We become traumatized when our ability to respond to a perceived threat is in some way overwhelmed. Trauma is about loss of connection to ourselves, to our families, to others, and to the world around us. 

Trauma Examples:

• Car accident

• Surgery

• Assault/sexual assault (of self, loved one, or close personal friend)

• Verbal, emotional, psychological, physical, or sexual abuse (of self, loved one, or close personal friend)

• Surviving a natural disaster, house fire, or the like

• Violent death of a loved one or close personal friend

• Chronic illness or pain (of self, loved one, or close personal friend)

• War or battlefield experiences


What is trauma touch therapy?

            Trauma Touch Therapy is a noninvasive client centered bodywork modality, which allows clients to gain tools for dissipating the energetic charge of trauma and integrate this new skill set into their lives.

What it is not

• It is not psychotherapy, although there is talking.

• It is not a traditional massage.

• Because this is not psychotherapy, clients may wish to be in therapy while going through TTT, although it is not a requirement.

Who will benefit?

Anyone (male, female, adult, child, or adolescent) who has experienced traumatic events in his/her life or would like to learn to be more fully present in his/her body.

Photography credit, Tina Quatroni

Well being

is a relationship between you and your body

What is involved?

• A deepening of body awareness and ability to stay present within one’s body

• The client is fully dressed. Usually the massage table is not used.

• The client determines the pace and direction of the session

• This is a package commitment of 10 sessions

• Each session can last about 90 minutes, but is determined by the comfort level of the client. 

• Sessions happen once a week or every other week.

• Light to medium touch may be employed at times, but is not required and is only used with permission from the client.

• Steps are taken to ensure that re-traumatization does not occur.

How much will it cost?

The commitment package is 10 sessions at $100 per session.



How does it help?

Trauma and shock that are not resolved and released get stored in our body because every emotion, thought, or action we experience starts as a chemical reaction within our bodies’ tissues. “Touch will activate” the body’s memory of trauma and the resulting shock (Miles, 2001).


Sometimes we need help to heal the residue left behind.

TTT integrates goal-oriented trauma work, client directed sessions, the therapist’s intent and ability to hold safe sacred space with slow body work to help clients come back to and remain present in their bodies. This work helps reverse what happened in the body at the time of the trauma.

Client improvement is often seen in improved posture, brightened affect, feeling really relaxed, reduced somatic discomfort, and the client expressing feeling in touch with his/her body as well as feeling safe and empowered.

About your therapist?


In order to become a Trauma Touch Therapist, Tina completed a fifty-hour hands-class in May 2021 at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, CO and began her fifty-hour externship, which she completed in August 2021. 

She welcomes your questions about Trauma Touch T herapy (or any other services she offers).

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